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The Blue Martini
Jersey Shore House

Full-length (5 M, 3 F)


Soon after the death of his fiancée, Nick Monaco and his family reunite at their house “down the shore” for a weekend of comfort and healing.  Unfortunately his very quirky, very Jersey family provides little comfort. With a lovable but irascible grandmother, a stubbornly traditional father, a newly liberal-thinking mother, an estranged brother and his quick-witted Asian American boyfriend, a sarcastic older sister and her African American performance artist boyfriend, Nick soon realizes that healing is out of the question. Or is it?


"...dialogue so snappy it practically burns rubber." - Greensboro News & Record


Photo: The Blank Theatre (Los Angeles 2011)

L to R: Don Stark (That 70's Show), Lisa Cirincione, Eugene Byrd (Bones); Rodney To (Parks and Recreation)


Full-length (3 M, 2 F)


A romantic comedy about Shelly, a young bar critic for the Chicago Reader, and the romantic mishaps and entanglements that invade her sanctuary apartment.

"The Blue Martini is a clever, sharp, alcohol-soaked romantic comedy [that] is thoroughly charming and funny throughout." -


"...a wit and charm that leave you with a nice buzz for hours afterward.  ...a surprisingly sophisticated view of these characters..." -


Photo: The DR2 Theatre (NY Fringe Festival 2006)

L to R: Candace Thompson, John Peery; Emily Vitrano, Candace Thompson

Full-length (4 M, 2 F)


A couple of years ago, Brooklyn twentysomethings Spring and Jake were boyfriend and girlfriend.  Now they just have the occasional rendezvous they dubiously call "Funday."  There's nothing holding them together, and nothing holding them apart.  In the middle, they have guilt-free sex, deli breakfast sandwiches, and no strings attached—sort of.


Photo: Under St. Mark's Theater (NYC 2004)

L to R: Michael Ferrell, Jenny Greer; Michael Ferrell

Spring and Jake
Life is Short: Seven Short Plays by Michael Ferrell

• Grandma Fuckin': A Christmas Story (1 M, 1 F)

A misunderstanding leads Maribeth to be trepidatious about visiting Jason's family.

• The Amanda Situation (2 M)

Dan and David's friendship is breaking up, because David has started dating Amanda.

• New York Confidential (1 M, 1 F)

Bobby takes Natalie, an escort, on vacation and gives her a tempting proposition.

• The Brothers Moron (3 M)

Three brothers decide what to do after their father has been caught robbing a bank.

• Last Chance #7 (1 M, 1 F)

After another night of hooking up, Audrey is fed up with Tom's inability to commit.

• The Andrew Situation (2 F)

Dana and Dallas's friendship is breaking up, because Dana slept with Andrew.

• Restaurant Drama (2 M, 2 F)

All hell breaks loose when Seth, the new guy, is faced with just how serious a New York City restaurant can be.


Postcard by Jay Pluck (NYC 2006)

Michael Ferrell in "The Blue Martini"

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